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Some Updates

Snuff Film release date has been pushed back until June. I hated to do this, but I felt it was necessary. My mother was ill back in February then passed away in early March. That set me way behind my writing schedule.

I don't want to release a substandard story, so I delayed the release. Going forward, I won't be doing pre-orders for awhile. I don't see a big advantage to it, and I've found readers seem to love it when I up and announce a book has dropped on a given day.

After Snuff Film I'll start work on Cassie Kills. Something I'm doing and I have't posted it here. I'm moving away from writing series books, and writing within a larger universe.

The Clerics in Fifty Shades of Hell will act as an anchor for the larger universe, and the other stories will all touch on it in some way. So, there will be various tie-ins, Easter eggs and crossovers. I feel this way readers aren't tied to reading in a certain order. You can pick up any book at any time and know what's going on. But if you have read everything in the order it was released, you get even more out of it. Plus I thought it would be fun.

That's all for now. I'll keep you all posted as things progress. Thank you again for all the support. You guys are all amazing.


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