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Snuff Film BANNED

I was afraid this would happen, but sure enough Amazon went and pulled Snuff Film last night in all formats.

I knew this book was in trouble when I went to publish it through Draft 2 Digital on other major outlets and they all refused it. It wasn't due to the cover like many have suggested.

I called D2D and the rep said "I knew in the first 20 pages no one would take this."

So it was still doing fine on pre-order with Amazon so I left it. I went to publish it in print through Kindle direct's print on demand service, yet on review they rejected it. Mind you, Amazon gives you NO reason for the rejection. It simply says "You have violated our content guidelines."

They purposely leave it vague so they can arbitrarily enforce what they want. People keep trying to tell me what to change or whatever in order to get Amazon to take it, but the fact is, all of that would be guessing.

Once that got shot down, I did a print version through Createspace. They DID approve it. For 2 or 3 days, then they pulled it citing the same thing. Content guidelines. Vague and unhelpful.

Mind you, this whole time its still on Kindle and by now has gone live. It spent almost a whole week on kindle and sold over 100 kindle copies. Then last last night, I get the email from Kindle direct. It violates their content guidelines so its been taken down.

People have given me all kinds of suggestions for resubmitting it, but I can tell you from seeing this happen to others, a banned book at Amazon is a dead book. Trying to resubmit it with a new cover or guess why they banned it and sneaking it back through will only get my entire kindle account shut down which I cannot afford.

So, I'm doing the best I can to sell the book directly through my website here. The upside to that is, I can sell it a little cheaper in ebook as there is no middle man taking a big chunk of the price.

I also found a printer for it, but no distribution, meaning I can order copies to sell paperbacks. But once again, can only sell them directly through here. So, this can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. I'm trying to stay positive, but I'll be lying if I said this wasn't super frustrating.

If you'd like to purchase snuff film, just click go to the SHOP here and place your order. For paperbacks I'm doing my best to keep stock on hand and fulfill them as fast as I can. thank you everyone for the support so far and for bearing with me through this.

I'd like not to be kept down by some big corporation who decides what you all can or should read.

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