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Hell On Earth: Hell Texas Book 3

That's right, I've begun working on this book. This will probably be the last in the series and I'll round the story off as a trilogy. Maybe not, if I decide to do more with these characters and this town. Once again, beautiful Mel Heflin will be on the cover as only fitting.

Hell Texas has been probably my most popular series. The first book is what landed me on the map as an indie author so it has a lot of meaning for me. I want to treat the series with respect and not drag it out just for the sake of cranking out more books. I want each one to be a quality story.

Here is the synopsis:

Along the highways of west Texas, a group of displaced killers makes their way along the

country side.

Cole, a ruthless murderer who tortures and brutalizes anyone he comes across for his own amusement.

Livia, a wild girl who gets her kicks doing horrific things with people's body parts. Don’t let her looks fool you. You don’t want to pick up this hitchhiker.

Maddie, a deranged little girl who had been raised by serial killers but now bouncing around from foster home to foster home. Families who take her in tend to have pets come up missing.

With their town no more, they stay on the move looking for their next prey, moving from Hell Texas, to create Hell on Earth.

You can read the book as its being written one chapter at a time on my Patreon page. With Amazon being the way they've been lately, I haven't decided how I'm going to publish it just yet. I may just make it available on my WEBSTORE.

I haven't decided yet. Amazon has been cracking down on content, and with a Hell Texas book, there is no way for me to write a "light" version that would be retail friendly.

So, stay tuned and subscribe here for all the latest updates for Hell on Earth. It should be fun!

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