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Blood Wolf Sample Chapter!

Hey all. I'm around halfway through writing Blood Wolf. It is coming along great and I hope to have it finished as soon as I can. I can't wait for all of you to meet Nikki Blade. In the meantime, here is a teaser for you that will hopefully pique your interest:

Nikki sat in the bushes outside the trailer, questioning her life choices. It was times like these she wished she’d listened to her mom and went to college. Except her mom was a drunk who had a new boyfriend every weekend. Not someone she wanted to take advice from. Instead she insisted on becoming a cop. She did have some college, community college. She’d gotten her associates in criminal justice by the time she was twenty-one and couldn’t wait to get her application in at Century City police department. That sure turned to shit.

Now, she was hanging out in the bushes outside a mobile home/meth lab waiting for a bail jumper to show up. At thirty-five years old, she felt she was too old for these kinds of shenanigans, but hooking wasn’t her bag and it paid better than most day jobs. Most of the time at least. It had its dry spells. Currently she was staying busier than she could keep up with. Not a bad thing money wise, but it was cutting into her social life. Her social life consisted of spending time with her cat, Zeus. At least Zeus wasn’t overly needed. Odds are, he’d taken over the apartment by now.

She hunkered down as headlights shown on the street as a pickup pulled into the driveway. This was her guy, she was sure of it. Willy Bob Horton, wanted on four counts of dealing narcotics and three counts of robbery. Apparently dealing drugs wasn’t enough for him, so he gets his kicks rolling tourists. Except it isn’t good enough for him to just hold them at gunpoint and take their money. No, he has to pistol whip at least one of them and knock their teeth out, every time.

Tonight, Nikki had the heavy artillery ready. Not just her Ruger .357 she carried in her shoulder holster. She had a cattle prod at the ready. She also carried a taser, but for this cornfed asshole, she wasn’t taking any chances. Sitting behind the bushes, she waited and waited as Willy Bob climbed out of the truck. He was a large man, not particularly muscular. He was fat, but sucked his gut in and stuck his chest out so he’d look bigger than he actually was. It wasn’t all that impressive, but he seemed to think highly of himself. He strolled from the truck to the steps of the trailer. Nikki waited and waited until he was just above her. Taking the cattle prod from behind her back, she jumped up and thrust it under his armpit sending thousands of volts into Willy Bob’s body.

He yelped as his whole body shook before tumbling down the set of stairs. He hit the sidewalk with a thud. Before he knew what was happening to him, Nikki was on his back, twisting his arms behind his back, placing her handcuffs onto him. Just as she clicked the cuffs into place, the front door burst open.

A woman with a double barrel shotgun stood in the doorway and opened fire into Nikki’s general direction. Fortunately for her, the kick of the gun was too much for the woman and the shot went high as Nikki dove to her left, rolled as she drew her Ruger and opened fire at the woman. The woman had already retreated into the trailer.

Nikki wanted to go after her and blow the bitch’s brains out, but she had bigger fish to fry. Like the fifty-thousand dollars she was going to get for Willy Bob. She pulled him to his feet, but he wasn’t going easily.

“Come on, get up!” she ordered.

“I can’t. I think you paralyzed me!”

“I can’t lift you myself, fat ass. Unless you want another jolt, get on your feet!”

He slowly complied as lifted himself up. He towered over Nikki, but she took him by one of his arms and held the cattle prod to his back with her other hand as she walked him to her car. She stuffed him into the backseat as she got into the driver’s seat. Her car was an old Crown Victoria, a decommissioned police car.

She’d gotten it at a police auction a few years ago. It worked for her, because it still had the cage in the backseat. That came in handy when hauling around pricks like Willy Bob who may not have her best interests in mind as she drove. Pulling out of the lot, she headed into the city toward the jail.

“I can’t believe you zapped me, you’re nuts,” Willy Bob said from the backseat.

“I’m nuts? Who was the crazy chick with the double barrel?”

“That was my old lady. You’re lucky she didn’t blow your brains out.”

“She was aiming at both of us, you’re lucky she didn’t pop a slug into your ass.”

“She’s not a big woman,” he said. “The gun is mine. She was just trying to protect me.”

“Hell of a job she did.”

“Why didn’t you go after her?”

“I’m not a cop. You’re where the money is at.”

“Good moral compass you got there.”

“So says the drug dealing armed robber,” Nikki shot back. Soon she pulled into the lot of the Century City jail and put the car into park. She dragged Willy Bob out of the back seat and into the lobby. Her gut sank the instant she walked into the lobby when she saw who was working the desk. Glenn Maddox, her ex. At least, one of her exes. There were a bunch of them lying around.

“Nikki Blade! Dragging in the Century City riff raff I see!” Glenn called out.

“Yeah, yeah. Just take this guy. He smells.”

“Holy hell. Is that Willy Bob?” Glenn asked.

“Sure is.”

“We’ve been looking for him almost a year. How did you find him?”

“I don’t look or smell like a cop, so people will talk to me.”

“Touche’” he said as he grabbed Willy Bob by the arm and called on his radio for assistance. Minutes later, two deputies appeared and took him into the back along with paperwork Nikki had provided. As they left, Glenn ran his fingers through his thick, black hair.

“You know, a girl like you shouldn’t be out chasing dangerous criminals. You’re in way over your head.”

“What’s a girl like me?”

“I don’t know. Small, pretty.”

“You’re big and dumb, and you haven’t gotten killed yet. Then again, it must be pretty safe behind the desk.”

“I’m happy with my career choices. I’m pretty sure you can’t say the same. I just made sergeant if you didn’t notice. You’d probably be a lieutenant by now if you hadn’t screwed up.”

“Yeah, well screwing up is what I do best.”

“It doesn’t have to be. It’s like, you just can’t handle things going well, so you do something to ruin it all.”

“Yeah. That’s how I got fired from the department. I just had to do that one thing to screw it all up.”

“That’s not what I mean. Maybe you should let me take you out for a drink and we could talk about it. Maybe talk about some old times.”

In Glenn speak “talk about old times” meant ending up back in his bed. No thanks.

“Glenn, you’re a spineless, administrative prick. Just one of the many reasons I dumped you. Don’t make me list the rest.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Means you don’t risks. You’d rather sit behind a desk and critique everyone else with their necks on the line. Instead of actually doing shit, you just armchair quarterback.”

He smirked as she spoke. She didn’t remember his face being this punchable. Was it always that way? Or was this a new level of douchiness he’d achieved?

“Maybe. But I’m still here, and you’re out bounty hunting. Not the most honorable profession.”

He was right, most bounty hunters in the city were guys who could never make it as cops, then Nikki, the ex-cop. It was a living that let her used her skill set at least.

“Perhaps, but at least I was out trying to make a difference. I made a mistake.”

“That was a pretty damn big mistake.”

She no longer wanted to talk about it or think about it. As a matter of fact, she would like just one time to walk into the department with a bounty without someone throwing her old job in her face. They need to hire more rookies. People who wouldn’t remember her. Not that it would help, she was sure there were stories. There were stories about her before she got fired.

Her three years on the force, she had dated two cops. Two. Glenn and later a veteran officer named Rooker. Though, if you listened to the rumors, she’d slept with three-quarters of the department, did orgies and was out hooking on the side. Then the other rumors were that she was a lesbian. They couldn’t quite make up their minds. Was she a slut or a lesbian? Or a slutty lesbian? It was ridiculous. The rumors were started by guys who had asked her out and been rejected. Instead of just taking it like grownups, they made up a bunch of stories. It was a bunch of grown man mean girls.

“I gotta go,” she said. “You have fun sitting behind your desk judging the rest of the world. The rest of us have jobs to do.”

She turned and walked out to her car and headed back to her office. She wanted to go home, but had to stop by the office to put away the papers so she could file them at court the next day so she got paid. Once she arrived, she opened her desk drawer and placed them into Willy Bob’s folder and was just closing things up when someone came through the door.

It was an older woman, looking tired and a bit angry. She stepped into the office as Nikki looked up.

“I’m sorry, I’m closed. If you need to post bond for someone, you can call my voicemail and leave a message,” Nikki said.

“I’m not here to bail someone out. I need to find someone,” the woman said.

“Someone who skipped bail?”

“No. My son was killed earlier this week. It was all over the news.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t watch much TV.”

“His name was Joe. He ran a YouTube channel called Bigfoot Chasers. He and his friends went out to the woods to locate a bigfoot citing and something tore them all to pieces.”

“Ok, I’m very sorry ma’am. I’m not sure who you want me to find?”

“Not who. What. The police say it was an animal attack. But this was too vicious. And it tore all four of them apart.” She stopped to wipe tears from her eyes. “There wasn’t even enough of my Joe for them to put back together for his casket. They had to identify him through fingerprints.”

“I’m really sorry Miss…”

“Hastings. Elizabeth Hastings.”

“I’m sorry Miss Hastings. I’m sorry about your son and his friends. That sounds horrible. But I’m not sure how I can help.”

“I want you to find the thing that did this to him, and kill it.”

“But didn’t you say the police said it was an animal attack?”

“I saw the photos. This was no animal! If it was, it was no normal animal. This was some kind of madman, or wild beast. Something is out there ripping people to shreds. It needs to be stopped. The police will do nothing.”

“You think it was…bigfoot?” Nikki wasn’t trying to be snarky, she was genuinely confused.

“I know this sounds crazy. I need this for my own peace of mind. Please, help me.”

“Miss Hastings. I’m not a private investigator, or even a hunter. I’m a bounty hunter. I hunt fugitives, not animals.”

“You find the worst animals in our society. You can find this animal. I’ve heard about your reputation. You’re the best there is.”

“Well thank you. I’m still not sure…”

“I’ll pay you a hundred thousand dollars up front. Another hundred if you find and kill it, whatever it is.”

That was something Nikki couldn’t say no to.

“Umm…what if I can’t find it? What if it’s just a pack of wolves or something?”

“Then so be it. But I’m sure something evil is out there. It will kill again if it isn’t stopped.”

Nikki wanted to help. Not just for the money. Because of her, another mother had lost her son. She could never bring either man back, but if she could give one of these mothers some kind of peace or closure, that was something. If karma were real, she could sure use the points.

“Ok,” she said. “I’ll help. First, I need you to tell me all about your son.”

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